Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Drawer Slides 2020 Reviews

The drawer is one of the most convenient inventions, in our opinion. With drawers, organizing jobs have become easier and faster with a better result. However, you must keep in mind the thing that will determine the quality of your drawers or projects is the drawer slides. Choosing the right drawer slides will make your life easier! In this article, we are going to help you choose between the top 10 best heavy-duty drawer slides in the market alongside a comprehensive buying guide.

Despite the endless variety of drawer slides, not all of them provide the same quality and reliability. It does not matter if you’re looking to buy drawer slides for your office, shop, and projects or at home, choosing the right slides that reflect your budget and purpose matters! That is why we’re only picking out the best heavy-duty slides to review for you. But first, we are going to guide you along with the features that you need to consider before making your purchase.

Product Features:

Mounting Options: This is the first thing that you need to consider. Decide which type of mounting you want for your drawer. There are currently a few types of mounting options you can choose from side-mount, center-mount, under-mount slides. The side-mount slides usually come in pairs or sets that are attached to each side of the drawer. Usually, it is either a ball-bearing or roller type. It’s one of the most common slides. The center mount drawer slides are normally sold as single slides that can be mounted under the center of the drawer. The under-mount drawer slides are like a combination of the previous two. It comes in pairs and is attached to the underside of the drawer. This is a good option if you do not want any metal to obstruct the beauty of your cabinetry.

Slide Length and Dimensions: This is to decide how far out you want your drawers to come when you open them. You can choose between a ¾ extension, a full-extension, or an over travel. All three are among the most popular slide length you can find. The ¾ extension means that part of the drawer remains in the cabinet for a more economical space option. The full-extension provides greater access as it allows the drawer to be opened for the full length. The over-travel makes it easy for you to open even beyond full extension to provide complete access to even the underneath countertops. You should consider the space you have and buy the one that fits your needs as well as your circumstances.

Weight Rating and Disconnect: The most typical slide weight capacity is between 75, 00, and 150 pounds or even 220 pounds. It is important to note that the higher the weight rate, the better it is for your drawers. Especially, if you’re looking for the drawer slides for your heavy-duty tools or pantry or kitchen equipment. The disconnect function of the drawer should also be taken into considerations. You should consider the ease of removing a drawer from its housing. You can choose between lever, rail, or friction types of disconnect. Each one functions differently. Pick the one that suits your purposes the most.

10. KRASTY Heavy Duty Drawer Slide

KRASTY Heavy Duty Drawer Slide

We’re starting off strong with the KRASTY heavy-duty drawer slide at the 10th spot. It is made from a cold-rolled steel material that is studier and more durable than other materials. It also provides better thickness and larger in size in comparison to other light rails. The slides have built-in steel ball for smoother pulls and adequate slide length. It comes in an 18” in length, 2.1” in width, and has the loading capacity of up to 210lbs. This means that you can put in just about any of your tools without worrying that it will damage your drawers. It comes in pairs and can be used as side-mounts for your drawers. The slides are applicable across a variety of purposes from restaurants, industry, warehouse, living room, and many more.


  • Big size and heavy load capacity
  • Versatile and reliable
  • Full-extension with built-in steel balls

9. VESLA HOME 210 LB Hardware Ball Bearing Side Mount Full Extension Drawer Slides

VESLA HOME 210 LB Hardware Ball Bearing Side Mount Full Extension Drawer Slides

The ninth-best heavy-duty drawer slides on our list are by Vesla Home. This product is designed with 2.0 cold-rolled steel material to provide the utmost quality and reliability. It comes with the built-in steel balls for smooth pulls. It has the same dimensions and load capacity as the previous product. What makes it better is that it is made with the surface blue treatment for a light blue finish, anti-rust protection and prevent pit oxidation. It also provides a two-way locking for efficient protection. Just like the product at number 10, this one also comes in pair for side-mount drawers. It’s perfect for any type of uses from restaurant to warehouse to kitchen and living rooms. It also comes in two different sizes to suit different drawer lengths.


  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion
  • Reliable and durable even with heavy loads
  • Full-extension with the steel balls

8. VADANIA Ultra Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

VADANIA Ultra Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Eighth on our list of the best heavy-duty drawer slides is by the brand VADANIA. This is made with high-quality and high-density thickened steel for better load capacity. The steel balls are designed to be 7.5 mm thick for smoother pull and load capacity of up to 432lbs! It can support a full extension that allows you to pull open the entire drawer with ease. On top of that, it is a side-mount type that is perfect for any professional use. It works as a goods shelf, mechanical cabinets, and many other uses. The drawer slides come in a variety of different sizes to better suit different drawer’s sizes and circumstances. You will be able to find the perfect size for your drawers easily!


  • Larger load capacity
  • Versatile and professional application
  • Side mount full extension

7. Tahlegy 5 Pair of 12 Inch Full Extension Hardware Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Tahlegy 5 Pair of 12 Inch Full Extension Hardware Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Next, we have the drawer slides by Tahlegy. This product comes in a 5-pairs package that includes all the necessary screws for easy installing. It is made from high-quality materials with excellent craftsmanship for easy slides. The steel balls are designed to offer less noise when open or close as well as heavy load capacity. It can bear up to 100lbs weight rate which is perfect for daily use. With these slides, you will have full access to your drawers as it is designed for a full extension at the side. On top of that, it does not matter how big or long your drawer is, the product comes in a huge variety of sizing options. You will find the size you’re looking for!


  • 3 years warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to install and versatile
  • Less noise and smoother pulls

6. Bundle – 21 BLUM TANDEM Drawer Slides with BLUMOTION

Bundle - 21 BLUM TANDEM Drawer Slides with BLUMOTION

At number 6, we have the drawer slides bundle with BLUMOTION by Blum. This is the only drawer slide that offers invisible under-mount. This product comes with different holes for depth adjustment and bottom mount holes for a four-dimensional adjustment. It can withstand a weight load of 100lbs of static force. With this drawer slide, the beauty of your wood drawers will not be compromised. The slides offer a full-extension smooth pull with almost no noise for discreet uses perfect for any high-end cabinetry and use. The bundle comes with a side adjustable locking device, rear mounting brackets, screws, instructions, and everything you can possibly need for installing the drawer slides! There are also 6 available sizing options for different cabinet dimensions.


  • Under-mount
  • Full-extension with no sound and no visible hardware
  • Necessity bundle

5. Friho 5 Pair of 20 Inch Hardware Ball Bearing Side Mount Drawer Slides

Friho 5 Pair of 20 Inch Hardware Ball Bearing Side Mount Drawer Slides

We’re at the top half of the list of top 10 best heavy-duty drawer slides. At the fifth spot, we have the drawer slides by Friho. This product is made from high-quality cold rolled steel with an electron zinc plate. On top of that, it comes with a built-in steel ball-bearing action that makes it easier for you to pull out or close with less noise. It can bear a huge weight rate with a full extension. It also comes with a lever disconnect for easy removal and setup. These drawer slides are designed to be side-mounted with a non-handed design for a positive stop. The package comes with 5 pairs of slides and mounting screws. You can double-check your drawers’ dimensions before selecting the drawer slides from the list of sizing options available. This product is perfect to use for almost any purpose!


  • Lever disconnect and steel balls-bearing design
  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Versatile and thoughtful design

4. uyoyous 50 Inch 160 LB Capacity Aluminum Full Extension Table Slide

uyoyous 50 Inch 160 LB Capacity Aluminum Full Extension Table Slide

At the fourth spot of the best heavy duty drawer slides in the market, we have the uyoyous aluminum table slides. It is made from a thick and sturdy aluminum alloy that is highly different from the previous models. Its surface is made to be rust-free with the maximum weight rate of 160lbs. It also provides a flexible and full extension. The product comes with a telescopic connecting rod that is used to connect the guide rails as well as adjust the width range and length. The wheels are installed at the bottom of the cabinet drawers for an easier pull and quiet noise. This product is also versatile and can be used with many furniture from cabinets, to desk pedestals or general storage drawers. This is one unique and reliable product!


  • Thick aluminum alloy material
  • Flexible extension
  • Sturdy wheels for an easier pull and zero noise
  • Versatile application

3. FRMSAET Sliding Keyboard Drawer Tray Hardware Slides Metal Drawer

FRMSAET Sliding Keyboard Drawer Tray Hardware Slides Metal Drawer

Moving on to the top 3, this is the metal drawer slides by FRMSAET. This product is made from a high-quality and sturdy 1.5mm heavy-duty cold-rolled steel plate with symmetrical solid balls. It provides a strict and durable structure that can withstand the weight load of up to 40lbs. It comes in an under-mount design with extended mounting brackets that can be adjusted to fit the height of your drawers. On top of that, it is easy to set up and disconnect with all the necessary mounting accessories included in the package. This drawer slide can be widely used to install most types of drawers such as a keyboard or kitchen cabinets for efficient use of available space. If you’re looking for drawer slides to use daily at home, this is the one for you!


  • Strict and sturdy structure
  • Simple to install and disconnect
  • Affordable and versatile

2. SOTTAE Heavy Duty Full Extension Ball Bearing Side Mount Drawer Slides

SOTTAE Heavy Duty Full Extension Ball Bearing Side Mount Drawer Slides

The second best heavy duty drawer slides on our list is the drawer slides by SOTTAE. This product is made with top-notch quality and workmanship. It is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel with a zinc plated for better durability and longevity. It is a side-mounted design with a positive stop. This drawer slide is divided into three sections with steel ball-bearing action to handle heavy loads and less noise when used. This product package comes with 2 pairs of the 10” full extension slides as well as the mounting screws. This makes it easy to install the drawer slides as well as disassembling them. You can use this drawer slides anywhere from the industry to the kitchen to offices and such. You will never have to worry about organizing your tools or your drawers being inconvenient.


  • Excellent quality
  • Easy installation and application
  • Necessity package
  • Smoother pulls and quieter noise

1. Gobrico 10 Pairs of 22-Inch Rear/Side Mount Soft Close Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Gobrico 10 Pairs of 22-Inch Rear/Side Mount Soft Close Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

At the number 1 best heavy-duty drawer slide, we have the drawer slides by Gobrico. This product is designed to be a durable and sturdy drawer slides fit for any heavy-duty purposes. The thickness of the drawer slides at ½” and 45mm in width. It has a load capacity of 35 kg and works effectively as either side or rear mount. The slides are made of hardening cold rolled steel with a zinc plate finish. It also has a self-close feature for an easier and slower draw without having to slam it shut. On top of that, the drawer slides provide full-extension pull which allows the drawers to be accessed fully. If you make the purchase, you will receive a package of 10 pairs of drawer slides for 10 different drawers, brackets, screws, and the instruction for easy installation. If you have any quality issues or missing pieces, you will be refunded or sent the replacement.


  • Self-close feature
  • Necessity package
  • Flexible and versatile application
  • Good refund and replacement policy


After reading the whole article, are you sure you’re all set for stepping into a whole new world of neatly organized workspace? Hopefully, you are! With the comprehensive reviews of the top 10 best drawer slides in the market as well as the detailed comprehensive guide, you will make the decision faster and more informed. We can guarantee that with any of the products on our list, you will be satisfied. Check that the product you’re interested in matches with your purposes and requirements. Happy Shopping!

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