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Hereford Inlet Lighthouse will not be part of the
2018 Lighthouse Challenge

visit the "Offical Lighthouse Challenge" page below for the list of Lighthouses that will take part in this year's Challenge.


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                                                Friends Update                   Dec. 13, 2018
                                                                                                             Steve Murray
                                                                                                       Chairman Friends HILH

          It has been over one year now since the “Honorable” Mayor Patrick Rosenello, in an ill
advised temper tantrum, launched his ego driven, despicable campaign against the “Friends”.
As of this date, only a couple of things in the Lighthouse have been returned to their rightful
owners. This endeavor was agreed to in court way back in April. As I said before, the vast
majority of contents of the Lighthouse either belong to several Friends Board members, The
Friends Organization itself or to folks in the general public. Letters were sent to the City
from everyone last spring requesting their return in light of the City’s takeover of the Lighthouse.
It is almost 2019 and the City solicitor does not even return calls to the Friends attorney.

          2018 was a terribly sad year for so many touched by this tragedy caused by one man. It
has affected many lives. Those included are those who had restored the building, developed
the museum and gardens and still had many plans for the future. This was their child in a way.

         There were also volunteers who gave so much blood sweat and tears to the project in
different ways over the years. There were the descendants of keepers who lived in the historic
building during its glory years and visited regularly to pay homage to their ancestors. And
finally, families with several generations of treasured traditions and memories of their regular
visit there. All of these folks finding it hard to come back now that it is run and staffed by
politicians or their known ilk who no nothing about the Historic site.

          It has been a while since the last time I heard the word “evil” used to describe an event.  I
have talked to many people, men included that could not fight back the tears while discussing
the matter. I have also been shocked to hear several quiet, gentle women in their 80’s blurt out
unrepeatable obscenities talking about this Mayor. I know of at least five persons (myself included),
who have changed their wills.

            Thanks everyone for the thousands of letters, calls and emails expressing your support and concern. These have come from all over the Country. I will keep you posted on things as they pan out.

Background art courtesy of Donna Elias