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 Friends of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
111 North Central Avenue
North Wildwood, New Jersey 08260
                                                                                                                                        November 2017

Dear Friends of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse,

     Our organization, the non-profit  “Friends of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse”, is scheduled to be removed as stewards of
the Lighthouse by the Mayor and Council of the City of North Wildwood.  We need the help of all of our members and supporters, now more than ever. We are being forced to vacate the property by the end of the year. Here is the situation.

     The State of New Jersey, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection – Division of Parks and Forestry, owns the entire Lighthouse property and leases it to the City. Our organization, the non-profit “Friends of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse” in turn, has a management agreement with the City. This is a highly unusual situation because most lighthouses are directly leased to a non-profit organization.

     The core of our founding trustees were the persons responsible for the initial saving of the Lighthouse, its early renovations and finally the historically accurate restoration from 1999-2011. These same people were also the ones who developed the museum, tours, gift shop, special events, gardens and everything else connected with the Lighthouse. The “Friends” first began as “the Lighthouse Commission” and evolved into what it is today.

     Relations with the previous four mayors and their councils have been fairly good, until now. Occasionally however, even under some of the past administrations, interference by elected officials has created some problems for those running the Lighthouse.

     Because this situation has always had the potential to cause problems, the late Mayor, Bill Henfey, spoke of his desire to see the eventual transfer of the lease from the City to the “Friends”. Unfortunately, the exact opposite situation has been brewing for the last year. The current Mayor, with vague and unfounded accusations of management problems, as well as so-called liability concerns, has asked City Council to pass a resolution terminating our original management agreement. This will expire December 31, 2017. They have also drafted a new document which will turn almost all authority and duties regarding the Lighthouse and Gardens over to the City.

     In a nutshell; this politically motivated move would restrict our organization to only running tours and the gift shop. Our trustees would no longer be able to oversee the restoration or maintenance of the Lighthouse or Gardens. New people, with no experience with or knowledge of the history of the building or its restoration background, would then be running the Lighthouse.

     The new management agreement is so restrictive in every minute detail, which even our ads, posters, brochures and signs would have to be approved by the city.

     The Mayor has even hired a horticulture consulting firm that has a plan that would call for the removal of all the trees on the Lighthouse property, as well changing the plant varieties to what they think are more appropriate. This in itself is heartbreaking to us.

     We have sent our response to the Mayor and council in October. It stated that we cannot sign this agreement, and went on to say we will only sign one that is similar to the original or ideally, work with the State for the transfer of the lease.
     We just received a reply on November 14th acknowledging that there will be no agreement between the City and “Friends” for the year 2018. Our organization will have to vacate the property and the “Friends” organization will probably have to dissolve sometime in the New Year.
     As many of you are aware, I am the author of the history of the Lighthouse, “Guardians of the Hereford Inlet”. If you read it, you know that for 143 years the only villains of the Lighthouse were wind, rain, snow, fire and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Now its very different - the villain for the first time is human.

     We have always felt we are the modern day keepers of Hereford and we have to stay vigilant, guarding it to the end. We consider this place, with its history of great dedication and sacrifice and numerous lives both saved and lost, to be sacred and should not be treated as a political football.  If you are happy with the work we have done restoring and running the Lighthouse, building and maintaining  the gardens, hosting special events, producing the newsletter, developing our tours and museum displays, running our “Buy a Brick Program” etc. etc., Please send a strong letter of support (and outrage) to     …..    

                                                     Mayor Rosenello and Council
                                                               901 Atlantic Ave.
                                                     North Wildwood, New Jersey 08260

                    Please also send a copy to the State Historic Preservation Office (this is very important)
                                                   Director Katherine Marcopul
                                                      NJ Historic Preservation Office  
                                                      PO box 420
                                                          501 East State St.  4th floor
                                                        Trenton N.J.  08625-0420

               Thank you for your long support. Remember, there is not much time left. Your prayers will help as well. Remember, we need to respond quickly.
                                                                                                  Thank you,
                                                                                                Steve Murray

Hours: 2017 Season Hours

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Thursday through Sunday

                            10:00 am -1:00 pm

                            Last tour at 12:00 pm

Please call in advance - off season hours are
subject to change without notice.

Closed from December 24, 2017 through January 6, 2018



Adults 12 yrs. and up $6.00
11 yrs. and under $3.00

Call for group rates 609-522-4520


                                                        *Members of the Friends of the Hereford Lighthouse - Join Today!
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                                                        *Active members of U.S. Coast Guard.

Tour Both Hereford and Cape May Lighthouses for only $12.00 for adults
and $4.00 for children under 11 years.
Buy combination tickets at Hereford Lighthouse.

2017 Events

December 1st - Friday - 5:30 pm -
Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Holiday decorations, music, hot chocolate, cookies, and hot dog sale.
A visit from Santa and the lighthing of the offical Community Christmas Tree.


Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is a working lighthouse as well as a museum. It is open to the public for guided and self guided tours. Visitors will learn about the History of Hereford and get a glimpse of the life of a lighthouse keeper in the late 19th and early 20th century.

A park surrounding the Lighthouse is designed with many different garden areas containing over 200 plant varieties. The Hereford Inlet Lighthouse Gardens are planted in the Victorian cottage style and extend right up to the ocean seawall. They have won several awards, including the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Suburban Greening Award.

The garden and grounds around the Lighthouse are wheelchair accessible. A DVD tour is available upon request to those unable to climb the Lighthouse.

We welcome and can accommodate school trips, senior citizen groups and all other tour buses. Special rates are available for groups of 30 or more.

The Lighthouse also has a gift shop featuring lighthouse and nautical theme art work, books, miniatures, shirts , hats, mugs and much more.

The Giftshop
All sales from the Gift Shop are used for restoration and preservation
of the Hereford Lighthouse and beautiful surrounding gardens.

                                            GUARDIANS OF THE HEREFORD INLET 


                                                                by Steve Murray

                The first book to document the history of the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse,
                the Anglesea Life Saving Station and the U.S. Coast Guard Life Boat
                  Station #133.

You may also order Guardians of the Hereford Inlet by mail. Make check payable
to Hereford Inlet Lightouse $25.00 plus $4.00 shipping for one book. $6.00 shipping
for more than one.  Friends $21.25 plus shipping.
Mail order to: Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
                      P.O. Box 784
                      Rio Grande, NJ  08242

To The Lighthouse!                          "To the Lighthouse!"
      Finally - The childrens book that artist Donna Elias and Steve Murray
  collaborated on is here! "To the Lighthouse!", published by Exit Zero of
  Cape May, is now availble for purchase.
      The beautiful but instructive little book was written by Steve and
  illustrated by Donna, with 35 lovely watercolor paintings. It is geared
  toward younger children and answers many questions, in an enjoyable   
  way, about Lighthouses. It describes why they were needed, how they
  worked, the duties of the Keepers and fun facts about New Jersey
  Lighthouses. In the back of the book there is a removable "Assistant 
  Lighthouse Keeper" certificate for children to fill in their own name and that can be framed. There is also a place where children can get the offcial ink stamp of each NJ lighthouse they visit if they take the book with them on their trips. Adults, as well as collectors of Donna's art prints, will enjoy this
special book. The cost is $15.00

        Background art courtesy of Donna Elias