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We Invite You to Become a Friend of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse!

Listed on the State and National Historical Registers and Located in the historic Anglesea section of North Wildwood, New Jersey.

Hereford Lighthouse before restoration.

From 1874 until 1962 Hereford Light was an asset to our City, – then the Coast Guard left the property……

For 20 years, until 1982, our once proud Lighthouse deteriorated to this deplorable condition, a neglected, abandoned and boarded-over eyesore on our community’s main street.

Hereford Lighthouse after restoration.

But Look at Hereford Now!

A lot of TLC has transformed our lighthouse into a beautiful, well-kept attraction that draws thousands of admirers each year and has become our City’s Landmark.

The stunning cottage-style gardens extend all the way to the inlet bulkhead and have won several awards. They have been featured in many prestigious books and been the back-drop for numerous special events.

Hereford Lighthouse in New Jersey

Because the Lighthouse receives no regular operating funds from federal, state or local governments, expenses are met by admissions fees, craft shows, sales in the Gift Shop, tours, various other functions, state and federal grants, and by membership in the Friend of Hereford Inlet Lighthouse.

The Commission Members and other volunteers are working to help the City restore, maintain and operate the Lighthouse. You can join this effort by
becoming a ”Friend”.

Please Note: This page is from the Hereford Lighthouse archives, email to inquire about the availability of this program.

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