Delaware Bayshore Birding and Wildlife Trails

Red Knot bird wading in the ocean.

A new ecotourism and education project, called The Delaware Bayshore Birding and Wildlife Trails Guide, is about to begin. This project will include a guide book and highway and site signage describing wildlife viewing sites along the coast. It will be done in phases, the first phase being Cape May, Cumberland and Salem Counties.

Rudy Turnstones perched on a rock by the water.

Hereford Lighthouse Gardens is a nominated site and hopefully we will be included in this program. The project is funded by the NJDOT and is a cooperative effort between the NJ Audubon Society NJDOT, NJDEP and NJ Department of Travel and Tourism.

Lillian Armstrong is the Director of this project.

Article is from the Hereford Lighthouse archives.

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